About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of people who, apart from hard work, share a love for heavy metal and life on the road. Due to the fact that we share a lifestyle and adhere to similar principles, we can fully engage in the project, trust ourselves and implement projects efficiently.

Our good relations translate into relationships with clients who appreciate us for a firm and determined approach to challenges and deadlines.

We do not tolerate complications, we always look for optimal solutions. Each of our 300 employees knows their place and tasks, thanks to which we eliminate the risk of breakdowns and accidents.

Our competences are created by trusted people: project and construction managers, engineers, prefabrication workers, HSEQ consultants. They accompany us on trips to the farthest corners of Europe.

"Hard work, easy ride, full trust." This motto has been with us since 2008.

Our strengths

We collect experiences

The numbers speak for themselves. Insulating pipes, tanks, boilers, heat exchangers, filters, condensing installations, etc. has been our specialty for years.

We report every step

Working with us, you will receive reports on the current progress of work, expected delivery dates and material consumption on an ongoing basis.

We don't leave trusted people behind

Our team of specialists has remained unchanged since the beginning of the company's existence.

We keep us safe

Our HSEQ specialists ensure compliance with national and corporate safety regulations. And we also take responsibility for each other.

We follow the right rules

We like transparent situations. By cooperating, we agree to follow global standards and your internal procedures. We always keep our word.

We develop through commitment

Comprehensive competences and an uncompromising approach to the project allow us to carry out new orders, and therefore what we love the most - continuing "the JC's tour" around Europe.
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