Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

HSEQ is something more to us than the usual safety rules.

This is our Code of Trust.

Relationships between JC-Services crew members are based on a sense of responsibility for the other person.

This is how a strong trust is born, which translates into the safe and failure-free implementation of each project.

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Every accident
is preventable!

The undisputed rules of the JC-Services Crew

  1. You are responsible for your own safety and safety of the others.
  2. If you’re not trained: Don’t do it.
  3. Always use equipment, tools and machinery safely and properly.
  4. Assess the risks before you start the work.
  5. Keep your work area clean.
  6. Always wear proper protective equipments.
  7. Report any unsafe conditions.
  8. Report all injuries.
  9. Don’t take any shortcuts. Strictly follow all safety norms.
  10. Alcohol or drugs cross you out definitively.